Saturday, January 31, 2015

Katelyn by Connie Cliff

Title:  Katelyn
Series:  Tristan's Secret Life #1
Author:  Connie Cliff
Published:  December 18/14 by Amazon Digital
Length:  25pgs
Format: ecopy
Genre:  erotica
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Meet Tristan. He is a successful prodigy with a secret fetish. He likes to stalk women who have expressed their most private desires on an attack fantasy forum. He watches them, follows them, and when the time is right, he enters their homes and fulfills their fantasies. How did he succumb to this mania? And why does it involve his agonizing crush on his stepsister? Where will it lead him?

This explicit short story contains descriptions of taboo relationship between a stepbrother and a bisexual stepsister, first time experience, intimacy without protection, attack fantasy, backdoor pleasures, and much more!

Previously published as Stalker (Billionaire Taboo and Attack Fantasy Erotica).

My Review:

This short story is so deliciously wrong. I couldn’t stop reading it. Cliff gives her audience a quick, hot story to get lost in. The story comes to life in a vivid way that is easy to picture. Cliff’s fluid writing & picturesque quality descriptions bring the story into stark clarity. It’s perfect to go with a glass of wine, when you’re looking for something shockingly provocative.

Character development is minimal. Readers do find out what makes our main character tick, where he comes from, and how he thinks, but little else. Of course, this short story is only 25pages long, a quick glimpse into this character’s life, and we get to know him plenty well to enjoy the story as a quick read. The look at his past and how it still affects him was quite intriguing.

I, for one, am definitely curious to see what Tristan gets up to next. How long will it all continue & how will it end?

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