Thursday, January 15, 2015

An Affair Downstairs by Sherri Browning

Title:  An Affair Downstairs
Series:  Thornbrook Park #2
Author:  Sherri Browning
Published:  January 6/15 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Length:  384pgs
Format:   ebook
Genre:  historical romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

The Countess of Aberford is determined to make a match for her sister, Lady Alice Emerson, but each man she brings to Thornbrook Park only inflames Alice's improper interest in unsuitable Logan Winthrop, a rugged man once accused of murdering his great rival.

Logan's determined to shelter himself from the pain of unrequited love—he knows the feeling all too well—but something about Alice stirs his desire to start living again. Though they fight their urges, the pair can only resist for so long; eventually they must choose between bowing to society's rules or breaking them...

My Review:

Browning has developed a very intriguing storyline with this one. It was a unique story that had me pondering the who’s what throughout. There were a few times when I found myself wondering what was going on, or the relevance of a certain scene, only to have it become apparent a few chapters later. Her descriptions bring this world to life, allowing readers to picture their surroundings. This was a sweet romance that definitely left me giggling at the end.

I quite enjoyed getting to know these characters. They were quite different individuals, each adding to the story in a different manner. I liked the Plato quotes and how they add to the persona of the characters who use them. I also had a riot with the Greek mythology. The characters relating themselves to the various gods and goddesses, and then realising what that would mean was priceless. I did find this story to be a bit convoluted in terms of characters at one point. I wanted to draw myself a diagram or flow chart as to who did what. It was as if Browning were attempting an air of mystery around certain character, but it came across as lack of character development at times.

Overall, this was a light-hearted, enjoyable novel. I appreciated the story and the characters that we got to know throughout. For me, it was simply missing that little something that engages you completely, making you unable to put the novel down.

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