Friday, December 5, 2014

The Seek by Ros Baxter

Title:  The Seek
Series:  New Earth #2
Author:  Ros Baxter
Published:   November 22/14 by Escape Publishing
Length:  141pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  SciFi Romance
Shelf:  Review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

From the talented and versatile Ros Baxter comes the first full-length novel in her sexy, engaging, groundbreaking SF Romance series.

When everything else is gone, all you have is hope.

The year is 2098, and the people of New Earth have been homeless for seventeen years. Ruled by a mysterious Council and adrift in a fleet of space stations, their sole mission is to survive long enough to find a new home. They call it The Seek.

Kyntura is the first and only female Avenger — one of the secret, separate elite who stand on the frontline between the refugees of Earth and a universe that would do them harm. For Kyn, fight and pain are the only things that drive out memories of the Apocalypse...and of the boy she left behind when she enlisted. But a young recruit called Mirren and a deadly mission will bring her face to face with all she has tried to forget.

As she leads a squad of Avengers in The Seek, Kyntura will have to face her demons — and the boy whose heart she broke a decade before — to confront the truth about New Earth and save the future of humanity.

My Review:

Baxter takes off on this wild, futuristic adventure with abandon, taking her readers with her. But don’t worry, she doesn’t lose the romance either. She creates a complexly satisfying novel that will satisfy you on multiple levels. Baxter develops an entire universe for her readers to travel through, complete with otherworldly beings, and futuristic humans. Her in-depth and detailed descriptions and narrative make the world that she creates very easy to picture.

The multifaceted cast of characters that we meet is quite enjoyable. The vast array of interpersonal relationships really brought the lives of the characters into the realm of reality for me. There is definitely someone for everyone to be able to identify with. The strong yet at times vulnerable main character definitely drew me in. I enjoyed getting to know her.

This exciting, adventurous tale definitely had me forgetting about reality for a while. I definitely can’t wait to see where this series goes next.

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