Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pickles and Ponies by Laura May

Title:  Pickles and Ponies
Series:  Radugan Tales #1
Author:  Laura May
Published:  September 21/14 by Createspace
Length:  263pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  fantasy
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Thanks to a curse, Prince Vanya was born with a silent heart. Luckily, he has his talking horse (conveniently named 'Horse') to help — and he'll need it. The prince is on a quest to save Melodia, Princess of Rather Fishlike Things, who's suffering from a certain amount of brainwashing. On his way he'll encounter friends and foes, most of them with attitude. Meanwhile, Melodia keeps stumbling into adventures of her own.

Will the prince manage to rescue the princess? Will he break free from his curse? And most importantly, will there be a happily ever after?

My Review:

I love the tone & style that May writes this tale with. It has the feel of the fairy tales we read as children, yet with a little kick that keeps you hooked. The allusions, hidden meanings, and puns throughout make this a story that will endear you to it. She had me laughing many times with this delightful story. The originality of the story is fantastic. Combine that with the authors fantastically dramatic & larger than life descriptions that allow you to picture each aspect of this story in fantastic clarity. Throughout all of this, she still maintains the major aspects of a true fairy tale. Princes & princesses have their quest, lessons are learned, and everyone smiles.

May’s characters are vivid & take centre stage in a big way. At the same time, they remain approachable and fun. I loved that they were your stereotypical fairy tale characters with a twist. The larger than life way that they live their lives and undertake this journey was priceless.

I will fully admit that I wouldn’t have bought this novel based on its title. The title makes sense once you’ve read the novel, but to me, it sounds like the title of a children’s bedtime story. The graphics on the cover reinforce this. That said, I am quite glad that I took the time to read this and would definitely recommend it to those in need of a dose of fantasy & fairy tale. It is definitely an adult friendly fairy tale.

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