Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Love and Leprechauns by Zara Keane

Title:  Love and Leprechauns
Series:  Ballybeg #3
Author:  Zara Keane
Published:  December 1/14 by Beaverstone Press LLC
Length:  385pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Tattooed in Tipperary, True Love in Ballybeg.

Olivia Gant is determined to escape her abusive husband and build a new life. Only desperation drives her to rent business premises from Jonas O’Mahony, the man who tattooed her behind and broke her heart. Can she maintain a haughty distance?

Jonas is a struggling single father. The last person he wants next door is the beautiful-but-infuriating Olivia. A childcare crisis forces him to strike a bargain with her: the lease to the cottage in return for babysitting. Can he resist her allures?

When Olivia’s ex is clobbered to death with a garden gnome, the fickle finger of suspicion points to Olivia and Jonas. Can they prove their innocence, or is their happily ever after doomed?

My Review:

Ballybeg just keeps getting better and better. Keane returns to this small town with the same remarkably well written and thought out style that we’ve come to know her for. The intensely personal story about life and love was brilliant. Keane’s intricately crafted storyline was a sight to behold. The complex and multidimensional storyline engaged you on multiple levels, while at the same time providing an enjoyable, easy read. The picturesque descriptions really allow you to put yourself into the story.

I’d enjoyed meeting these characters in previous Ballybeg novels, but really getting to know them in their own right here was fantastic. I loved watching the interactions between the characters. They are so genuine, and at times heated that I was hooked. By developing her characters in the present and showing how their individual and combined pasts affect them readers get a definite sense of who these characters really are.

As a whole this was a fantastic novel. The combination of romance, suspense, and real live was simply unforgettable.

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