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Guest post with Kris Austen Radcliffe

New covers for the Fate – Fire – Shifter – Dragon universe! From Games of Fate all the way to Silent, all titles in the FFSD universe now feature the beast himself, Dragon.

The Fate – Fire – Shifter – Dragon universe:
Do you trust me? Do you trust yourself?

Ghouls called Burners see Rysa Torres as their savior. The past-, present-, and future-seeing Fates see her as the ultimate weapon against the coming apocalypse. The Shifters just want her dead.
But Rysa is much more than the overwhelmed young woman Ladon and his companion beast, Dragon, find. She sees beyond the weight of the burdens he carries.
She is his key to forgiveness.

The Fate - Fire - Shifter - Dragon Series:
New Adult Science Fiction Romance

The Fate - Fire - Shifter - Dragon series takes Rysa and Ladon—and Ladon’s companion beast, Dragon—through a landscape punctuated by unfamiliar creatures:

Fates with the ability to see past, present, and future.
Ghouls called Burners who devour with fire and acid.
Shifters who shape much more than their bodies.
And two dragons who speak with color and pattern.

If you’re new to the FFSD universe, start with Games of Fate:
Rysa Torres stumbles through life an overwhelmed young woman fighting against her Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She can’t get a handle on the world, no matter how she tries.
But when monsters activate a part of her she didn’t know she had, Rysa becomes the Fate at the center of an epic battle against a terrifying future—and a world consumed by fire.
When Ladon and his companion beast, Dragon, find Rysa, they see only the potential hell a young Fate might unleash into their lives. But Ladon quickly realizes Rysa is much more than the daughter of an old enemy—she is his key to forgiveness.
With the threat of a burning future distorting Rysa’s Fate abilities, she sees only two options: End her own life, or watch Ladon, the only man to see beyond her attention issues and love her for who she is, die. Will they accept the only future they see, or will they find the strength to break the bonds of fate?

FREE on all platforms!

Or, if you’re looking to start with a shorter title, you don’t need to have read the Activation Trilogy to enjoy Bonds (#4.1):
Daisy Reynolds might be taller and more athletic than the average seventeen-year-old, but she doesn’t make waves. Hiding from her klepto mom’s terrifying Shifter ex-boss makes an invisible life necessary. But when a Burner—a chaos ghoul—gets a whiff of Daisy, hiding turns into running for her life.
Daisy soon realizes the conflicts around her run deeper than nasty ghouls and mean Shifters looking to beat up her mom. Future-seeing Fates want a piece of her, too.
But some fates cannot be escaped unless you have courage… and an unlikely ally.

Just released: Silent (#4.3)
As a child, a horrendous accident stole Gavin Bower’s hearing. Now, he lives his life and works hard to make it into medical school. But the night the Burners come for his best friend, Gavin suddenly finds himself drowning in a new world of Fates, Shifters, and Burners—until Daisy Reynolds Pavlovich saves his life.
While Gavin’s best friend, Rysa Torres, fights for her life three states away, Gavin and Daisy fight their own battle. Together, they realize Gavin holds a gift that could save Daisy’s mother. And together, they work to take down the most powerful Shifter syndicate on the planet.

The Fate – Fire – Shifter – Dragon Universe:
#1.5 Conpulsio

 #4.1 Bonds
#4.2 Broken
#4.3 Silent

B&N, iTunes, Kobo, and other links for all titles can be found on the SHOP page of the Six Talon Sign Media webpage.

Why cover updates?
The next trilogy begins in early 2015 with the coming release of All But Human and ramps up the science fiction aspects of the universe. Now seemed the best time to rebrand the series genre-wise.

Tell us a little more about the beast on the cover.
Brother-Dragon – “Dragon” to Ladon and Rysa – graces the cover of the Activation Trilogy covers. Only two immortal, six-taloned dragons walk the Earth. To some, they are Brother-Dragon and Sister-Dragon. To others, they are the Great Sir and the Great Lady. No matter what they are called, they are always fiercely protective of the humans they love.
They live psychically bonded to their humans, Ladon and AnnaBelinda. For everyone else, they communicate by using their six fingered version of American Sign Language.

How would you describe Ladon’s connection to Dragon?
Like all long-term relationships, it’s complicated. Ladon and Dragon are, in many ways, an old married couple. They picker. They argue. But at the end of the day, they would do anything for each other.

How does Rysa fit into Ladon and Dragon’s bound?
I think this quote from Flux of Skin sums it up pretty well:
“You loved many women more than you loved Charlotte.” Sister’s hand moved, waving in a slow arc through the air in front of her. “Why is she different?”
Why? Beautiful Rysa loved him more than any other woman.
For the first time in his life, he felt like a man. “She makes me feel human.” A real, living, breathing man, one worthy of a woman’s warm touches. Of her beautiful smile and the brilliant acceptance she gave him with an open heart and a clear conscience. He felt alive.
“You are Human.” Sister sniffed and shook her head. She nodded backward. Sister-Dragon must be squatting on the gravel next to the van, silent. Still in vigil.
Yes, he was Human. They were both Human to their beasts’ Dragon, and they’d lived as such through the rise and fall of multiple civilizations. Human and Dragon, leaders of a Roman legion so deadly and elite the Emperors hid it from history. Warriors so terrifying the normals always shrank away. He and his sister were Human, but they were not human.
But now, in this modern world, he’d been forgiven his sins. He could take a road never allowed him before. He and the beast could rest. Work a job. Fix a home. And maybe, if he was lucky, become a good husband.

With Bonds, Broken, and Silent, you’ve introduced a new couple, Daisy and Gavin. How do they fit into the FFSD universe?
Daisy Pavlovich and Gavin Bower are in many ways the opposite of Rysa and Ladon. Where Rysa’s ADHD makes her life chaotic and stressful, Daisy’s iron will helps her keep her world under control. Where Ladon has seen too much in his life, Gavin is young, brilliant, and full of curiosity. Rysa and Ladon established their relationship immediately; Daisy and Gavin are approaching romance with great caution.
Together, they bring a new vibe to the series I think readers will enjoy.

It’s nice to see Gavin again after his brief appearance in the beginning of Games of Fate. Are there other minor characters from the first trilogy you will be bringing back for greater roles in the upcoming titles?
That would be telling.

One last question: The FFSD universe contains a lot of paranormal and fantasy elements and sometimes the science fiction aspects aren’t obvious. Could you tell is a little more about how the series fits into the SF genre?
At this point, the reader knows just as much about the mechanisms and the rules of the universe as the characters. That said, there are several characters – and one very large, very well-funded corporation – doing their damnedest to figure out what makes the Fates, Shifters, Burners, and dragons tick, Gavin being one of them. Let’s just say he’s full of questions.

Thank you!

Kris’s contemporary romance series, The Quidell Brothers, brings her descriptive touch to the real world. Her fantasy and futuristic romance series, Fate – Fire – Shifter – Dragon, sets it free in the fantastic. She’s traversed many storytelling worlds—dabbles in film and comic books, time as a talent agent and a textbook photo coordinator, as well as a foray into nonfiction. But she craved narrative and richly-textured worlds—and unexpected, true love.
Kris lives in Minnesota with her husband, two daughters, and Handsome Cat.
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