Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hot Rebel by Lynn Raye Harris

Title:  Hot Rebel
Series:  Hostile Operations Team #6
Author:  Lynn Raye Harris
Published:  September 29/14 by H.O.T. Publishing
Length:  254pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  romantic suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

A rebel on the run…

Victoria Royal is a traitor. Or so the U.S. government believes. Victoria was once a promising sniper in the Army, but now she’s gone rogue—worse, she’s just landed in the middle of a Hostile Operations Team mission in the desert and blasted it all to hell.

Nick “Brandy” Brandon doesn’t expect to run into Victoria when he’s bugging out from a mission gone wrong. It’s been more than three years since she disappeared from the sniper course they were in together, and he’s finally stopped thinking about her killer curves and smart mouth.

But now she’s back—and she’s far more dangerous than Nick ever believed possible… Is she really a traitor? Or is there something more at stake? He has to decide fast—because time’s running out and too many lives hang in the balance…

My Review:

This novel is action packed from the first page. Harris presents her readers with a well written novel with an intricate storyline that not only grabs your attention with this action, but holds it throughout. She also has some comical interludes to lighten the mood. They are priceless in and of themselves and definitely added to the forward momentum of the story itself. Her vividly visual descriptions pop you right into the midst of the story. This novel has all the intensity of a military novel without the gore. It also has all of the romance of a more contemporary story, but presented in a very unique manner. And let us not forget the side of sass and the dash of heat. It was the perfect combination.

I thoroughly appreciated the fact that Harris builds her story around strong male & female leads. Neither depends on the other, but at the same time they are still the key to one another’s happiness. It is a brilliant middle ground for these amazingly well developed individuals. Harris also gives readers a ‘peak’ at past and future stories from the series, letting you get to know more of the characters and their lives outside of work. Her development isn’t limited to the main characters. Readers are introduced to the entire team in a real way.

This novel is a great addition to the series or can be read as a standalone novel. Harris is definitely an author to watch for all fans of romantic suspense, Alpha male types, and military type romances.

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  1. I'm not much into military type romances, but your review convinced me to give it a try - I snatched book #1 ;)