Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dead Mentors by Sandra Nichols

Title:  Dead Mentors
Author:  Sandra Nichols
Published:  February 27/13 by Balboa Books
Length:  268pgs
Format:  paperbacks
Genre:  Literary fiction
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

In 2005, John Burns, a clairvoyant therapist, provides a reading for a lonely South Florida healthcare manager named Sophia Deming. At fifty-four, Sophia is miserable with work, regret, and failed ambitions. She leaves the reading, disappointed with Burns's forecast and worries that the way to an authentic life is a hopeless dream. From the shores of his cottage on Prince Edward Island, Burns channels Sophia for a period of two years and tells the story of her existential quest. Sophia's journey begins when she finds her dead mother's play, The Antiquity, in the family cottage in Peterborough, Ontario. Its main character, Russell Durnin, a biomedical scientist, finds the missing link to his research among the paranormal inhabitants of a futuristic prison. As an ambitious production of the performance develops in Toronto, Sophia encounters a series of misfortunes back home in Florida that mirror those of Durnin and that force her to confront her darkest fears. On opening night of the play, as her mother's portrait is unveiled upon the stage, Sophia discovers the secret of her emotional captivity.

My Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed Nichols’ writing style. She drew me in with her words & painted a uniquely brilliant picture for me. This creative story kept me guessing, wondering what would happen next. This one of a kind story definitely made me think. It also made me feel. It was a wildly imaginative tale, yet at the same time, very easy to believe and to swallow.

I tend to find characters on a journey of self-discovery to be rather weak at the beginning and strong at the end. Nichols definitely didn’t do this. Her well-developed characters are strong throughout, but definitely become more through their journey. I quite enjoyed getting to know them better. The multiple different viewpoints channeled through a single source was quite interesting & I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This novel was the best of all worlds. It was definitely well worth reading.

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