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Heart of a Warrior by Johanna Lindsey

Title:  Heart of a Warrior
Series:  Ly-San-Ter #3
Author:  Johanna Lindsey
Published:  September 11/09 by Brilliance Audio (1st published April 2001)
Length:  416pgs
Format:   audio book
Genre:  SciFi romance
Shelf:  borrowed
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Brittany Callaghan thinks she's dreaming when a blond, nearly seven-feet-tall Nordic god shows up on her doorstep in her tiny California town. He claims to be a barbarian warrior in need of her help.

Though a stunning, statuesque beauty herself, intelligent and independent Brittany has struggled hard to earn respect in a man's world. She is taken aback when Dalden, a spectacular Viking who is a long way from home, needs her help - and is willing to pay for it. He's had Brittany's blood running red-hot since she first saw him, and warrior or not, she agrees to help him.

As bold and brash as she is beautiful, Brittany isn't going to be subservient to any man, even one who is everything she ever wanted in a lover, and whose very touch sets her senses afire. Dalden is a warrior to the depths of his soul - proud, powerful and brave - a man who will fight fearlessly and relentlessly for what he wants. And now, what he wants most of all is Brittany...

My Review:

Lindsey combines the best of romance with the best of SciFi in this novel. The multiple, well developed worlds presented in this novel, as well as their interactions, were quite intriguing. I was completely enchanted. Because I haven’t read the 1st two books in the series it took me a bit to catch up on the background but then I was hooked. That said, I’ll definitely be reading (and re-reading) the entire series. Lindsey’s eloquent writing alongside the picturesque descriptions brings everything to light in a very brilliant manner.

Readers get to spend some time with absolutely unforgettable characters in this novel. The main characters are so honest and heartfelt that you can’t help but love them. I also found myself laughing at the situations they found themselves in. You can’t help but wonder just how everything will work out for them. Surrounded by the multicultural group of secondary character, you get a taste of what life must be like for everyone. It was absolutely breathtaking.

My final thoughts? He may not be perfect, but I definitely need a warrior life mate of my own.

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