Monday, September 22, 2014

High Octane: Fueled by Rachel Cross

Title:  High Octane:  Fueled
Series:  F1
Author:  Rachel Cross
Published:  August 25/14 by Crimson Romance
Length:  191pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Maddux Bates’s Formula One racecar isn’t the only thing that needs an overhaul this season. The Texan rebel’s bad boy behavior on and off-track last year won him the championship—and an image problem. Now he needs to keep his sponsors happy, his car on course, and his exploits out of the tabloids.

Oncologist Brynn Douglas spent the last dozen years buried in school, patient charts, and research. But the reality of practicing medicine—at least at the prestigious Gates Institute—isn’t what she’d hoped. Then a seventy-year-old billionaire shows up in her office with an irresistible proposition: play the role of his girlfriend while secretly treating his blood cancer as they travel the F1 circuit.

When their paths collide, Maddux quickly sets his sights on Brynn. He’s used to taking what he wants, but if the media catches him romancing a seemingly taken woman, the bad press might get him fired. One complicated relationship should be more than enough for Brynn, but every time she sees the sexy Texan, their attraction burns hotter.

Falling in love on the F1 circuit is a crash course in adrenaline. Will Maddux and Brynn’s race to the finish end in a total blowout or total victory?

My Review:

Cross actually gives readers a quite unique look at both medicine and the F1 circuit. It’s much more in depth than I would have ever imagined, without going overboard. The clashing of these two worlds does play a large role in the relationship between the two characters and in building the setting for the story but never overpowers what’s really going on. Cross easily takes her readers around the world alongside the F1 circuit, mixing the intensity of racing with the distress and challenges of terminal illness and putting in a side of hard fought romance she creates a work that’s difficult to put down.

These two remarkably different yet still similar individuals make a stunning main couple for this novel. I appreciated how they were developed. Cross shows how your choice of career and how one’s drive to succeed directly affects all aspects of life. This gives readers a quite intense insight into the characters, allowing you to really get inside their heads. I did find myself questioning the ease at which she could forgive him after some of the accusations that he let fly, but such is love.

As a whole this was a quite intriguing read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be looking further into this author’s work.

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