Friday, August 29, 2014

Kiss Me Dead by Dale Ibitz

Title:  Kiss Me Dead
Author:  Dale Ibitz
Published:  May 28/14 by Soul Mate Publishing
Length:  247pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  YA Paranormal romance
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

One curse…
Christian, a nineteen-year-old reaper-human hybrid enslaved to the Other World to harvest souls, earns his freedom by making a bargain with the Goddess of Death. As part of the bargain, he’s been cursed with the kiss of death.

One kiss…
The only way Christian can break his curse is for an angel to kiss him. Willingly. He finds Brooke, an nineteen-year-old descendant of a Naphil whose destiny is to hunt rogue reapers. But she’s hiding, suffocating in a semi-agoraphobic cocoon since witnessing a reaper steal her brother’s soul.

Two destinies…
Christian has found the angel who can break his curse, and the seduction begins. To break her phobia’s hold, Brooke embraces her angelic role and makes it her mission to kill rogue reapers, trying to avenge her brother’s murder. Christian can break his curse by kissing Brooke dead ... but will she figure out his game and kill him first?

My Review:

This is a well written and entirely unique novel that had me coming back for more. It is exciting, imaginative, and emotional. Ibitz develops more than just her story and her characters. She develops the entire world around them until you can’t help but picture it. I found myself dreaming about this wildly captivating and extremely vivid world. By flipping between the past and the present Ibitz presents a rather complex yet very enjoyable read to her audience. Seeing the two parts of the story come together was very enlightening and a little chilling.

I found the history of watchers to be very intriguing. It not only added an element of mythology to the tale, but also helped to explain the scenarios that the main character had to deal with. Watching her try and balance what she sees, feels, and believes really lets you get to know her. Watching her come into her own and accept who she is was even more powerful.

This story was enchanting. I could barely put it down. I’d recommend it to those who enjoy something
different in the world of fantasy, that’s fun for all ages.

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  1. REAPERS, I peeked. I love it - rogue reapers!
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. I have to agree with Sherry, that was my first thought as well, and of course I peaked LOL

  3. I don't know exactly what the title means but it sounds intriguing. I would love to read so I can find out!! :)

  4. I love books with angels and now the reaper adds the twist to make it complete!

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  6. Look forward to reading your latest!

  7. would love to have a chance to read this book..

    1. as far as the title: well we could read a lot into it, but simple put for me: kiss me till there is nothing left of me. till I am gone.

  8. Kiss me until I die........maybe? If you kiss me.........I'll die. *shrugs*

  9. I like this book! The title is a little weird but it's very interesting!