Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Drive by Brenda Rothert

Title:  Drive
Series:  Fire on Ice #4
Author:  Brenda Rothert
Published:  July 26/14
Length:  178pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Years of training are about to pay off for hockey player Nikola Vereshkova. A call to play in the big league means he can finally come through for those who need him. His relocation to Chicago comes with built-in friends – and one gorgeous enemy who was less than impressed with him after their first encounter.

Sadie Alexander knows all about the drastic measures men will take just to get laid. She’s not only experienced it first-hand, but lived to tell about it in her online column, Sadie Says. And even though she’s a die-hard independent woman on the outside, the recent marriage of her best friend has her secretly feeling more alone than ever. 

Getting close to a foul-mouthed Russian hockey heartthrob was the last thing Sadie expected. And the timing couldn’t be worse since she’s sworn off of men for a writing assignment. The line between love and hate is eroding, and Niko and Sadie find themselves in deeper than they ever expected. Could something that started out wrong end up being just right?

My Review:

The premise behind this story is absolutely priceless. Rothert kept me on my toes throughout. She shocked me, made me love her, and made me want to scream at the characters in turn. I love Rothert’s down to earth, approachable style. She really sets the tone for the story and makes it oh-so-real. She develops this story with a fairy-tale like quality, and is the type of author who can really make you believe that fairy tale endings are possible for the rest of us.

Ok. Confession time. I fell in love with Niko in book 3 of the series and was chomping at the bit to get my hands on this one when I found out he was the lead male. And believe you me, Rothert didn’t disappoint me one bit. She develops him as a complex yet genuine individual who will definitely get your pulse racing. Paired with Sadie, a strong yet very enjoyable female lead who is easy to relate to, you just can’t go wrong. This cast is rounded out nicely by the supporting cast, comprised of friends and family we’ve previously met. But don’t get me wrong. Just because we’ve met these characters in other novels doesn’t mean that it would be impossible to read this as a standalone. As with every series, you’d get much more out of it if you read it in order, but this one could also be read on its own.

Overall this was a fantastic read that I couldn’t put down for even a second. Still can’t stop thinking about it. This is definitely another win for Rothert (and for those of us who read it).

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  1. Just bought book #1, it was free :) After your enthusiastic review, I felt compelled to read the series !

    1. I've thoroughly enjoyed this series. :) Books 3&4 are my favorite!