Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Roadtrip to Redemption by Laurie Larsen

Title:  Roadtrip to Redemption
Series:  Pawley's Island Paradise #1
Author:  Laurie Larsen
Published:  April 26/14 by Random Moon Books
Length:  232pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review

Synopsis from Goodreads:

It started as a trip to lose old memories. It became a journey to find her heart.

Leslie Malone faces an empty, lonely summer. Her marriage is over. Her daughter is overseas, living her dream. Her students are enjoying a carefree summer break. What's the purpose of her life if she's not a wife, mother and teacher? The idea of a roadtrip beckons her. Aimless wandering? Or inspired discovery? A woman of faith, she asks God for His guidance, then does her best to follow His direction.

Hank Harrison is a quiet man, good with his hands, but short on words. He's paid a heavy price for not forgiving his son for horrible mistakes made years ago, mistakes with vast consequences. Hank recognizes Leslie as an answer to his prayers, and together, they begin to mend their futures.

Neither of them plans to fall in love. Will the worst summer of Leslie's life become the season that redeems them both?

My Review:

Larsen has a very approachable and flowing writing style that not only complements the storyline but also makes you feel like you’re part of it. She draws on your emotions, allowing you to feel for the characters. I found it easy to picture myself in the main character’s shoes. I was quite impressed with the way that Larsen works religious undertones into this novel. Being one who isn’t generally a fan of inspirational/religion based romance novels, I have to say Larsen takes a brilliant approach. Although she makes it obvious that God’s will works its way through this novel, Larsen never preaches at her audience. It’s a brilliant balance.

The characters in this novel are quite well developed. The main character is such a real person that you cannot help but connect with her. Her strength is admirable, yet the vulnerability makes her human. The supporting cast is also quite well put together. I appreciate how everyone complements each other, without being duplicate or unnecessary characters. Not everyone serves a major role in this novel, but they all definitely serve a purpose.

This is an intricately woven tale that will take you on the journey of a lifetime. Disillusionment, self-acceptance, and romance all make their way into the mix for one intimate journey.

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