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Pretty Reckless by Jodi Linton

Title:  Pretty Reckless
Series:  Deputy Laney Briggs #1
Author:  Jodi Linton
Published:  March 24/14 by Entangled:  Ignite
Length:  245pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★


Welcome to Pistol Rock, Texas where everyone knows secrets last about as long as the sporadic west Texas rain showers.

Laney Briggs has long been considered reckless, but she’s turned herself around—she’s respectably engaged and she’s become a Pistol Rock deputy sheriff. Everything’s fine until a dead body turns up and her ex, Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson, decides to stick his boots into the town’s first murder case.

Laney will be damned if she lets Gunner trample all over her turf and her chance at a quiet, contented life. His seemingly endless ability to undermine her resolve and her libido was only outdone by her constant urge to butt heads with him. But when the bodies start to pile up, Laney has to ask the lethal bad boy for a hand—and a truce in exchange for his help.

Having an ex-boyfriend as an ally might not be the best idea, but Laney has always been pretty reckless…


His grin widened as he moved in for the kill, skimming his thumb down my cheek until his callused hand caught my chin. I bit my lip, knowing nothing good could come from me sneaking a taste—although, I would’ve given my right arm to melt in his arms and sample that sinfully delicious mouth again. He leaned into my personal space, placing his mouth at my ear. Ah hell, he still smelled as clean as a cotton sheet. His smile pressed into the side of my neck, electrifying my pulse.

“I took the job because we both know you want me back,” he whispered, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear.

I gritted my teeth against temptation. “You’re an impossible man, Gunner Wilson.”

“So I’ve been told,” he admitted, reveling in tormenting me.

Instantly, I wanted away from the bastard. I dug a heel into the hard ground and spun around, stalking back toward the cruiser.

“Now, Laney, don’t be like that,” Gunner called, chasing after me.

As I stuck an assertive middle finger in the air, a droplet of rain breezed past the back of my hand. I lifted my chin and looked up at the sky. It had turned a hazy gray with pillowing clouds at the horizon and a chill starting to blow across the parched land. Perfect. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck out in the rain with Gunner.

Before I had a chance to take off in a mad dash for the cruiser, the rain came down in torrents.

“Looks like you could use a little help there, sweetheart.” Catching up with me, Gunner smiled and quickly covered my head with his hat. I turned my face into his chest, and we sprinted for the cruiser. When we got there, he opened the passenger door and slipped his arm from my shoulders. I lifted my face to him. He smiled and swept a wet piece of hair out my eyes. Gaze fixed on him, I slid inside the cruiser.

“Wasn’t that fun?” He laughed, shaking off his cowboy hat and jumping behind the wheel. His shirt was drenched and clung to the rippling muscles of his chest and arms.

I tugged at my blouse, trying to stop it from sticking to my breasts.

Gunner was clearly enjoying the free peepshow. “A little nippy down there,” he observed.

I looked. Sure enough, my nipples were popping out like a thermometer in a Thanksgiving Day turkey. I crossed my arms over my breasts and gave him a stone-cold look.

“Just commenting, darling,” he said and turned the car on, put it in gear, and punched the gas. Mud squished under the spinning tires. He tried putting the cruiser in reverse. A lusty roar erupted, but the cruiser sunk deeper.

Oh shit, God. Please don’t do this to me, I prayed frantically, even though I wasn’t sure if he was listening.

“Are you talking to God?”

“Well, if you must know…I’m begging him to get me the hell out of here.”

“Would it be so bad if you got stranded out here with me?”


My Review:

This novel is well written with an easy flow. I love Linton’s voice. She writes in a fun, light style that invites you to participate in the story. There were times that I couldn’t tear myself away from this story. It was like coming up on a car crash. I knew something bad was going to happen but I couldn’t look away. This author had me completely hooked. There were some ‘I should have seen that coming’ moments, a few ‘holy cow’ moments, and a lot of laughs. Linton combines suspense and comedy with lots of spice to create an entertaining whole.

Linton really brought this story to life with her cast. They were absolutely priceless. Everyone was larger than life and really stood out. It was priceless. I did, however, find myself questioning how in the world the main character ever became a deputy sheriff. She didn’t strike me as the type, nor did she have the background, but she definitely made it work for her, most of the time.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. I’ll definitely be reading more from this author in the future.

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About the author:

Jodi Linton lives and works in Texas, with her husband and two kids. She can be found cozied up to the computer escaping into a quirky world of tall tales, sexy, tight jean wearing cowboys, and a protagonist with a sharp-tongue quick enough to hang any man out to dry. She is currently at work on her next Deputy Laney Briggs book.
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