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Guest Post with author Christina Thompson

Today the amazing Christina Thompson is taking over.  I'll leave you all in her capable hands and see you tomorrow!

Jonel, I’m so happy to be here today. Thank you for the invitation. I appreciate the support. ~ Christina

My background in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) affects my writing. TCM strives to balance the mind, body, and spirit. I think our souls crave it and seek it out. Samantha and Logan from The Trucker’s Cat have found that balance/peace with each other, but it wasn’t an easy path getting there.

I’ve retired from acupuncture, but I still help out at Reflexions on the River’s Holistic Center. Each practitioner has varying opinions on the connection we need to have with the Universe to obtain peace. One of the topics is the idea of Guides and Angels protecting us. I believe when we listen, our Guides steer us toward certain decisions and actions. The path may not be the easiest, but it may be the one with the greatest opportunity for growth.

In The Trucker’s Cat, Samantha’s father, General Steven Randall, spoke before a group of Army graduates. He said, “Some men think there’s a choice between right and wrong. Great men know there is none.” Although her father passed away years ago, Samantha believes he’s guiding her and helping her find the strength to prevent a Presidential assassination. In so doing, she meets Major Logan McCormick. They have a choice, and they choose not to have one. Together, they make sacrifices for the greater good.

With Logan’s help and her father’s spiritual guidance, Samantha taps into her inner reserves for that one final push to do what’s needed. Even when she’s had adverse experiences on her journey, she thanks her father for them because the positive results outweigh the negative. Love always trumps hate. Although she and Logan acquire some scars along the way, they are wiser and stronger for it, which brings them closer. Her positive mindset radiates light into Logan’s burdened heart. He’s drawn to her uplifting spirit and genuine smile … feeling pure joy.

With a family history of military service, I’ve learned that believing in something greater, whether it’s the love of God, country, or each other, affects us in powerful ways. Although I’ve written these characters, I’m also inspired by them. I believe life is about the journey and the profound effects people have on us. That’s why I dedicated The Trucker’s Cat to the servicemen in my family including my son, Airman First Class David Thompson, who recently graduated from the Air Force. You can find the entire list at the end of the story.

Do you know a military serviceman or woman who inspires you? Please share their name and rank. I would love to have you acknowledge them here. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading The Trucker’s Cat as much as I enjoyed writing it.

About the author:

Christina Thompson, a retired acupuncturist, enjoys writing about the physical science, the emotional workings of our mind and heart, and the spiritual energy that taps into our passions.

Her degree in biology from Nazareth College in Kalamazoo gave her a love of science and a background into the physical realm of the body. Her diploma in Traditional Chinese acupuncture from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine taught her that the mind and spirit affect the body in powerful ways.

She teaches at the Reflexions Plus Holistic Center on many topics including massage therapy, acupuncture, Feng Shui as well as other modalities of Chinese medicine. She currently resides with her husband, Kraig, in West Michigan.

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A bit about The Trucker's Cat:

“Some men think there’s a choice between right and wrong. Great men know there is none.” ~General Steven Randall

In The Trucker’s Cat, Samantha Randall and Major Logan McCormick believe in a common value that takes on extraordinary meaning.

At the Russian Embassy where she lives with her mother and stepfather, Samantha uncovers a plot to assassinate the President. Her father’s famous speech urges her to act. She treks cross-country to warn the driver that his cargo has the proof, but she finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Driving a truck on a special military assignment, Logan sees no choice and rescues Sam from a bloated lecher. Against protocol, he gives the wildcat a ride. With Russian soldiers searching for Logan’s cargo and another team chasing Samantha, they quickly realize they must work together. Making sacrifices for the greater good, they will do what’s necessary to prevent the unthinkable.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading The Trucker's Cat....it was action packed! The way Sam kept going through such difficult situations and how she and Logan found each other. I really loved reading the spiritual connection behind it. I, too, believe that "some men think there’s a choice between right and wrong. Great men know there is none” and that having a personal mission statement such as that helps you get through circumstances.....I really liked this love story and all of it's levels!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kass. I appreciate the comment and am so glad you enjoyed the story. :-)