Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lucy's Wish by Mona Hanna

Title:  Lucy's Wish
Series:  Bluebell #1
Author:  Mona Hanna  
Published:   April 5th 2014 by Createspace (first published January 9th 2014)
Length:  126pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  Fantasy
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Lucy Bluebell is a quiet young witch working in a magic shop in her busy town, trying to keep it running after her parents retired. She keeps to herself, avoiding most people after an unkind warlock broke her heart. She has a wish, however: to meet a kind, caring man, who’ll always love and cherish her. Someone she can love with her whole heart. Someone safe who she can rely on.

Warren Lewiston is embroiled in a dark plan and needs Lucy’s help, even though he knows he’s putting her in danger. His goal is to save his friend Sarah; his enemy Saxton will release her only if the plan goes off without a hitch. Warren has to work with Saxton, doing what he asks, or Sarah will never be free.

But then things get messy. Lucy and Warren become hunted. Saxton becomes more threatening. Warren realizes he may lose his friend while endangering a woman he’s falling for. Lucy thinks she’s falling in love with a man who loves another. No one knows who will survive.

In the end Lucy doesn’t know if she’ll ever get her wish.

My Review:

This author had me hooked from the very beginning with this one. She developed a magical fantasy world that was larger than life. This well written novella takes you away with an extremely imaginative tale. Her intricately crafted and very vivid descriptions allow you to walk through this powerful story alongside the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters in this tale as well. Hanna’s subtle character development shines through, allowing each individual to stand out in their own right without overpowering the story as a whole.

This is a brilliant introduction to Hanna’s new series and was definitely an enjoyable read. It is probably my favourite novella from Hanna yet.

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