Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Chance At Love by Karolyn James

Title:  A Chance At Love
Series:  Ferry Creek
Author:  Karolyn James
Published:  February 10th 2014
Length:  264pgs
Format:  ebook
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Shelf:  Review
Rating:  ★★★★


A simple phone call can change your life... just ask successful businessman Sullivan Chasen.

When the caller shares the news that Sullivan's father is dying, Sullivan laughs and hangs up. He isn't being heartless, he just knows that it can't be true - because his father already passed away... ten years ago.

Like a bad dream, the calls keep coming and DNA results turn Sullivan's world upside down. There is only one way, and very little time, to figure out the truth. He packs his bags for the small town of Ferry Creek, North Carolina.

Once Sullivan arrives, he must confront a past he never knew existed, including a half-brother who lives above their family diner. The longer he spends away from his wealthy lifestyle and successful business, the more he falls in love with the small town, its community... and waitress, Jess Winthorne.

Can Sullivan Chasen go back to his normal life after learning about his past or will he discover the missing piece of his heart in Ferry Creek?

My Review:

This novel was very emotional, raw, & real. James takes reality and makes it pop. She makes you think out real life problems, and they are real life and realistic even if they are out of the ordinary. She also makes you feel for yourself and for the characters in the novel. Her eloquent descriptions build a brilliant community where her captivating and solid storyline take place. Not only was there a major storyline, but there were also a number of subplots setting the series up for the future. Everything melded together into a seamless whole. My biggest problem with the novel was the few hiccups in the editing. There were times when there were random missing words or autocorrect moments with the wrong word. It was just enough to bump me out of the storyline.

James crafts intricate characters and relationships to carry this story forward. You can really tell that this is the first novel in a series, however. There are so many characters at the beginning that you’re left wondering how it all comes together and who will be the most important. You really get to know the whole community in a nice and intimate manner.

As a whole this was a great introduction to James’ writing. I’ll definitely be checking out more work by this author.


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