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A Canter of the Heart by E.E. West

Title:  A Canter of the Heart
Series:  The Equestrian and The Aviator #1
Author:  E.E. West
Published:  November 24th 2013 by D A Robinson
Length:  374pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  Women's Fiction/Romance
Shelf:  review
Rating:   ★★★


A beautiful Australian para-equestrian, Eleanor, is rudely awakened the morning after her twentieth birthday to face two pressing problems: the first, though she refuses to accept it, is that she's been told by many acquaintances and relations that she'll never find true love, and the second being, though she doesn't know it yet, that she can't even get up the steps to visit the blasted night-club with her mates! What no one knows is that one random act of chivalry, at the hands of a handsome American naval flight officer, is about to turn her world upside down. The heartfelt and sometimes harrowing journey that follows is as humorous as it is inspirational.

A Canter of the Heart is the romance of a new millennium, a story that you've never heard before, and one that should take its place amongst the iconic romances of our time. But most importantly, it is a romance that will speak, most unapologetically, to your heart. A Canter of the Heart is the first book in ‘The Equestrian and the Aviator’ trilogy that sets our intrepid heroine on the journey of a lifetime. The first thing that you will no doubt discover is that Eleanor, fickle girl that she is, has already found the love of her life – her inspiring love of horses.

This trilogy is based on a true story, and is a testament to the therapeutic riding programs offered by the Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia. It is dedicated to the many remarkable, selfless people who made and continue to make those programs possible.

My Review:

This was a well written, well developed story that really gets to your heart. West’s descriptions paint a clear picture of both Australia and San Diego. I also loved seeing the RDA featured in a novel in such a positive light. Although this was a very in depth and heartfelt story I found myself a bit bored at times with the story dragging a bit.

The main characters were very unique and well developed. You get to know them on many different levels. However, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out if David was for real or just going through the motions that she expected until about the middle of the book. The mix of Aussie, American, & British slang added a very realistic feel to the story. It also lets you get in the heads of the characters and to think like them. The supporting cast was also quite intriguing. They rounded out the story quite nicely.

As a whole this was a unique, approachable story. The array of characters and character types are quite unique.


About the author:

I've been a resident of the Pacific Northwest for the better part of two decades, and blithely accept life in the shadows of the nesting grounds of bald eagles while ensconced amidst the company of wild, damp and understandably nervous bunnies. I prefer to write at the dining room table, where the light is better and I can work next to Simon, the sweetest one hundred and twenty pound Rottweiler that you're ever likely to meet -- except when he's in the mood to editorialize, which he is only on rare occasions. I much prefer to write love stories that take place in warm, sunny and exotic locales as I admire and rate the latest downpour direct from the Pacific Northwest's over-active convergence zone, but in my heart I will forever be drawn back to the lucky country... Australia... and maybe one more lovely canter along an endless beach.

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