Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Mystery Box by Eva Pohler

Title:  The Mystery Box
Series:  The Mystery Book Collection #1
Author:  Eva Pohler
Published:  January 12th 2014 by Green Press (first published May 2nd 2011)
Length:  404pgs
Format:  ebook
Genre:  suspense
Shelf:  bought
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Soccer mom Yvette Palmer lives an ordinary life in San Antonio, Texas when a box is delivered to her by mistake, and in taking it to its rightful owner—a crotchety neighbor named Mona who shares her back fence—is drawn into a strange and haunting tale.

Mona’s ratty robe, mood swings, and secretive behavior all raise red flags, and Yvette is sure someone else is living there despit Mona’s claim to live alone, but Yvette is unable to break away as she listens to how Mona transformed from a young college woman about to be married to the odd, reclusive, ghost of a woman she is now.

As Yvette listens to her neighbor's tale, she discovers a shocking connection, but doesn't know whether Mona's come to help or to harm her and her family.

My Review:

This novel is simultaneously mellow and intense. Pohler mixes intrigue with suspense to keep you on your toes throughout. By writing in the present tense Pohler gives a sense of the here and now, adding to the suspense of the tale. She also flashes back to provide the background for current events in a very captivating manner. I fully admit that at the beginning I found myself wondering where the story was going, but once it took off I was hooked. The genetics and history worked into this novel really had me hooked.

I love the fact that the main character was quite easy to identify with. She lives the stereotypical life of a stay at home housewife yet is quite true to herself, if only in thought. I loved journeying along with her, getting to know her family and those who have a profound effect on her life. Pohler’s character development in this novel is brilliant. Each individual is developed to suit their role perfectly. They are also true to their character. No one magically becomes someone else nor do they miraculously have a moment when they ‘see the light’.

As a whole this novel was well written and thought out. It’s not a light read, but rather a work that really makes you think. It was emotional and suspenseful, combining elements that I would never have dreamed of putting together. This was an intriguing start to Pohler’s new series and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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