Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Guest Post by author Christine Meunier

Today, I'm handing the reins over to Christine Meunier, author of the Free Rein Series.

It’s such a long drive from South Australia to Victoria! We’ve been on the road most of the day and I’m tired from our early start. But I’m excited too!

Dad got a job transfer and because of this, he and mum needed to look into somewhere for us to stay in Victoria. Mum found a 100 acre property – can you believe it? 100 acres! That would have to fit so many horses on it!

I’ve wanted a pony of my own for as long as I could remember and now it seems that God has caused things to happen so that we could look after our very own property where we could keep horses. I know we don’t own the land, mum told me it’s on a lease which means someone else owns it and we pay to use it. But she also said we may be able to turn it into an agistment property – that’s what they call it when you have land and people pay you to keep their horses on it.

It sounds like even if I don’t get to get a pony straight away, we’ll have other people’s horses on our place! I’m excited about this move, even if it means I am leaving behind friends and a familiar routine in South Australia. I just hope my older brother Ross snaps out of his bad mood and stops blaming mum and dad for something that has to be done.

I can just imagine what our 100 acres will look like, with roses down the driveway, lots of paddocks full of grass… and the best bit – horses! Who could want any more?

New Beginnings – Book 1 of the Free Rein Series

A job transfer for Jacqui King’s father means that the 10 year old and her family have moved interstate. Jacqui is excited that the move has allowed her family to take up a lease on a large property.

Since she could remember, Jacqui King has had a love for horses. Now with the family’s move she wonders if her dream to learn to horse ride could come true. Jacqui’s mum Kate plans to turn the property into a place where they can offer horse agistment, only concreting Jacqui’s desire to have a horse of her own.

On a property titled Genesis, it does indeed seem that the new beginnings for the King family are looking promising.

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