Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Those Christmas Angels by Debbie Macomber

Title:  Those Christmas Angels
Series:  Angels Everywhere #5
Author:  Debbie Macomber
Narrator:   Sandra Burr
Published:  October 1st 2010 by Brilliance Corporation
(1st published Jan 1st 2010)
Length:  7hrs 19mins/304 pages
Format:  Audio book
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Shelf:  Bought
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Every Christmas, three lovable angels visit Earth. Once a year, Shirley, Goodness and Mercy are allowed to intervene (or, more accurately, interfere!) in human affairs. Despite their frequent misadventures and the chaos they often cause, things always seem to turn out right?. This Christmas, join Those Christmas Angels as they respond to Anne Fletcher's prayer request. She wants her son, Roy, to meet a special woman and the angels contrive to throw Julie Wilcott in his path (literally!). Shirley, Goodness and Mercy offer you laughter and Christmas cheer in this heartwarming story! The busybody angels provide a few delightful surprises as lives transform.

My Review:

This is one of those novels that is intrinsically Christmas-ey without being strictly about Christmas. Macomber takes some absolutely ridiculous situations and brings them to life in a realistic way. She also takes some very difficult real life situations and creates a very unique tale. I love how this reality mixes seamlessly with the angelic. The final chapter or epilogue wraps everything up nicely without being cheezy. It’s simply a conclusion to the tale that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Watching these characters get to know one another was absolutely hilarious at times and completely heartbreaking at others. You get to know them so well that you can’t help but love and feel for them, each in their own way. They are both very strong characters but so different from one another that it’s a striking relief. I really appreciate how Macomber takes the time to introduce you to both main characters’ pasts and presents, both how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them. The supporting cast was also great. The angels were absolutely priceless. Although they are a staple character throughout this series, you can easily get to know them through just this tale.

Overall, this was a brilliant Christmas tale that can be read either as a standalone or as part of this series. I’d definitely recommend it to those in need of a bit of Christmas cheer presented in a bit of a different manner.

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