Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Prince's Man by Deborah Jay ~*~ Giveaway ~*~

Title:  The Prince's Man
Author:  Deborah Jay
Series:  The Five Kingdoms #1
Published:  July 13th 2013 by Deborah Jay 
Page Count:  436
Genre:  Fantasy
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Think James Bond meets Lord of the Rings. Award-winning fantasy, THE PRINCE'S MAN, is a sweeping tale of spies and deadly politics, inter-species mistrust and magic phobia, with a touch of romance.

Rustam Chalice, hedonist, dance tutor and spy, loves his life, never better than when he's bedding a gorgeous woman. So when the kingdom he serves is threatened from within, he leaps into action. 

Only trouble is, the spy master, Prince Halnashead, teams him up with an untouchable aristocratic assassin who despises him. 

And to make matters worse, she's the most beautiful woman in the Five Kingdoms. 

Plunged into a desperate journey through the mountains, the mismatched pair struggle to survive deadly wildlife, the machinations of a spiteful god - and each other. 

They must also keep alive a sickly elf they need as a political pawn. But when the elf reveals that Rustam has magic of his own, he is forced to question his identity, his sanity, and worse, his loyalty to his prince. 

For in Tyr-en, all magic users are put to death.

My Review:

This exciting and enchanting novel is very approachably written. Jay follows the basic format of a fantasy tale but he story itself is extremely unique. You can’t help but get caught up in the amazing world that Jay presents to her readers. At times I felt like I was watching a reel, I was so caught up in Jay’s descriptions of each and every scene. Not only that, but this novel is extremely well written and edited, allowing you to flow seamlessly into this world. Jay neither talks up nor down to her audience. Her story balances perfectly in that margin in between. Her very in-depth and intricate plot is told in a very captivating manner. It is gripping even through the battle scenes, which are suspenseful without being gory or dirty.

This novel presents a well-developed cast that is full of interesting individuals who carry the story forward very well. Jay’s unique character names make it easy to remember everyone and who did what. The natural interactions between the characters make everything very easy to relate to. Jay also incorporates some very eloquent dialogue into this story, but it always fits with the characters in question. Although it isn’t the everyday language that one typically encounters it is fluid and enhances the characters in question. It also helps to differentiate between the different classes of the very well defined social structure within this tale, where everyone has their place even if they don’t necessarily accept it fully. Through this, court intrigue makes a play that definitely keeps you wanting more.

Overall, this was a captivating fantasy with just a touch of reality. It’s the perfect escape from the everyday.

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  1. The Prince's man could be a secret spy or an assassin (like for example in Robin Hobb's Farseer trilogy ~ Fitz Chivalry).

    I adore the epic/ high fantasy genre and so this is on my must-read list - it sounds AMAZING!!!!

  2. I think one of his closest allies will end up being the Prince's Man

  3. the Prince's Man is probably an object of great importance!!!

  4. I think he's some type of sorcerer who needs to hide his identity or die.

  5. The Prince's Man could be a half-blood relative who weilds magic.

  6. The prince's man is probably his protector

  7. I hope that I have the opportunity to read this Series

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  10. I think he's a kind of spy, but I'll have to read the book to figure out what this man is. I'm really excited about his history.

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