Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Valens Revenge by Sherrel Lee

Title:  Valens Revenge
Author:  Sherrel Lee
Series:  The Valens of Legacy #2
Published:  March 8th 2013 by Sherrel Lee 
(first published February 27th 2013)
Page Count:  194
Genre:  Paranormal Suspense
Shelf: Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The Valens of Legacy Security have returned and pursue their enemies across Texas, Mexico and Brazil to extract revenge for the loss of their families and friends. Cerberus is hard at work developing new and more of the deadly creatures. Their genetically altered Humani are already responsible for the death of many of those loyal to Jemma Nix, the hereditary leader and owner of Legacy Security.

My Review:

This story starts out very well. Lee gives all of the necessary background information and jogs your memory as to what happened in the first book of the series without rehashing the entire story. Lee throws some intriguing plot twists into this novel that I definitely didn’t see coming and that kept me on my toes. Also, the bioengineering behind this story is really scary. You can see the possibilities which makes it all the more real.

By jumping between the perspectives of various different characters Lee shows you what’s happening on all fronts of the story. You get to know the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’ lending a sense of balance to the story as a whole. This instalment is a story that pulls you through the action with a great deal of dialogue. It by far outweighs the narrative. However, Lee’s very visual descriptions allow you to immerse yourself even further into the novel.

In this novel Lee reintroduces a great deal of the cast from the first instalment in the series with little further development as to their personas. They remain the same individuals with no miraculous personality change and it is very easy to see who they are from their actions in the previous book. However, the relationship between the two main characters in the first instalment of the series seems to have all but disappeared in this novel with little to no explanation. It did leave me a bit perplexed. The new characters who are introduced in this novel are quite well developed and add a unique outlook on the events. Each and every character in this novel, be they old or new, is unique. And not just in name but in personality and characteristics as well.

Although this this novel has more action than was seen in the first it wasn’t quite as captivating. I found that at times it was a bit slow but it was very informative and still quite enjoyable.

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