Saturday, September 21, 2013

Horse Country by Christine Meunier

Title: Horse Country
Author:  Christine Meunier
Published:  June 18/13
Page Count:  492
Genre:  Contemporary
Shelf:  Review Copy

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Follow Lise and Wes as they work their way around North East Victoria, Australia in the seasonal world of breeding thoroughbreds. Horse Country follows the seasons of the thoroughbred industry and what the day to day of working on a stud could look like.

A few hours away, Maddie and Melanie are working hard in their parent’s metropolitan riding school, teaching others about horse riding and care of the horse. From the nervous first time rider, to the child who wants to run fast and jump high, the young women shape lessons to suit the individual.

My Review:

Right from the get-go Meunier jumps around between the lives of 4 amazing women who work in different aspects the equine industry. She melds all of these views together into a very seamless and intriguing whole. She covers many different aspects of the equine industry in an entertaining and captivating manner that will make you laugh and really think about what she has to say.

This novel is extremely well written and has a nice, natural flow to it that allows you to follow along, falling in love with the characters and their charges as you learn a little bit about horses in the mix. Meunier does make sure to fill in any relevant background information for those who aren’t versed in equine speak, but does so in a manner that will keep those in the know captivated as well.

The characters that Meunier develops are all extremely interesting individuals who suit their roles perfectly, even if they themselves are still trying to figure out what that is. Each is fully developed and portrayed in a slightly different manner than the next. This makes it very easy to differentiate between them when switching perspectives. Even the supporting cast is very well developed, rounding out each of the four stories that combine into one fantastic whole.

This novel really shows the way into the heart of a rather closed-door industry. Meunier takes the time to enlighten her readers as to the ins and outs of the job while keeping them entertained and captivated. She also shows all of us horse crazy ladies that a little bit of romance can always find its way into your life and he may even understand that your equine love will always come first! This is definitely a must read for all females in, who have considered, or who have ever thought about a horse.

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