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Everville: City of Worms by Roy Huff

Title:  Everville:  City of Worms
Author:  Roy Huff
Series:  Everville #2
Published:   August 21st 2013 by Roy Huff (first published 2013)
Page Count:  228
Genre:  YA Fantasy
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

College freshman Owen Sage has just started to understand the darkness trying to overtake Everville and the earthly realm. With the help of The Keeper and the Fron army, Owen has managed to buy some time, but new problems have already emerged, new secrets need to be revealed, and the race against time to stop Them from conquering both dimensions has only just begun. The Keeper, Owen Sage, and his friends at Easton Falls University must now battle threats from within. To do it, they must reunite with familiar creatures and join forces with new ones as they navigate their journey to the truth that awaits them in Everville.

My Review:

This was a very well written novel that is thought provoking and intensely enjoyable. Right from the beginning, Huff is drawing his audience in. He gives just enough background information to jog your memory as to the events of the 1st book in the series without rehashing anything. This is a fluid novel that transitions seamlessly from one section to the next. Fantasy creatures abound. They are all well developed as species and some as individuals. Huff also gives more background information on Everville in this instalment. It really helps to round out your experience of the story. Intrigue and suspense also make an appearance in this magically crafted world. Huff’s vividly visual descriptions draw you in and his intriguing storyline keep you there. He definitely takes the fantasy genre and gives it an exciting twist.

The characters that we came to know and love in the 1st book continue to grow as individuals. The names of the characters in this novel make me giggle but are definitely memorable. They are also well suited to the characters themselves. In all actuality, they add to the characters and definitely stick in your mind. In all honesty, this novel has a rather large cast of characters but they are easy to keep straight. Some are developed as individuals and others as groups. This gives a very intriguing contrast to the characters.

Overall, this is a story that makes your imagination soar. It was an extremely enjoyable read and a definite must for all those who enjoy the YA fantasy genre. Holy cliffanger though. This novel definitely leaves you needing the sequel.

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