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Stealer of Horses by Loretta Jackson & Vickie Britton

Title:  Stealer of Horses
Author:  Loretta Jackson & Vickie Britton
Series:  High Country #3
Published:  November 13th 2012 by AmazonEncore
Page Count:  164
Genre:  Mystery
Shelf: Review Copy
Rating:  ★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The famous Carlo painting Stealer of Horses sells for cash in a small Wyoming town and gallery owner Sheldon Spence gives the $200,000 to his wife, who walks over to the bank to make the deposit?and never returns. A witness claims to have seen a frightened-looking Susan Spence in a battered old Chevy, speeding out of town. And each succeeding clue reveals a different angle on her disappearance. Sheriff Jeff McQuede begins to wonder if this is more than a simple case of kidnapping and robbery. Was Sheldon involved in Susan's disappearance? Or did Susan and a lover fake the scheme, planning to run off with the money they stole from Sheldon? The identity of a victim found shot behind the wheel of the Chevy holds the key to one ominous question: Is Susan Spence a kidnap victim ? or is she part of some sinister ploy?

My Review:

This novel was an interesting look at the life of a sheriff in a modern day small town. It gave an insightful look into things that are dealt with on a daily and not-so-daily basis.

The storyline behind this novel is well thought out and put together, it’s just a little slow throughout. It does speed up at the end and they give the novel a very good wrap up. The story itself also has a consistent pace and flow, but it doesn’t quite seem to mesh with the storyline itself.

There is minimal character development in this novel. By the end I felt that there were very few characters that I knew in more than just name. Although the authors did a good job with the characters that were ‘mysterious’, they seem to have developed the ‘well known’ cast members in the same fashion, leading to lack of character details.

Overall, this was a quick, well put together read that had a flare of the West.

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