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The Boomerang Effect by Lindy Spencer

Title:  The Boomerang Effect
Author:  Lindy Spencer
Published:  July 7th 2012
Page Count:  179
Genre:  Suspense
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can end your life - or worse, postpone it indefinitely.

In Aspen Grove, Oklahoma, fifteen-year-old Katy had everything going for her, until an innocent decision to walk home from school set the karmic wheels in motion. Katy suffered a brutal attack, leaving her comatose. The legal system failed to convict the men responsible for this heinous crime - instead found them not guilty.

They’ve gotten away with it, or so it seems. Darnell and Jerome, then boys, now men, continue on with their lives; Bruce Hanson, the attorney tasked with convicting the two attackers, brushes off his loss and continues his climb up the legal ladder; Office Webster, the policeman who responded to the call for help, the man who destroyed evidence, forgets all about his part in the crime and moves forward in his lazy life; all of this while Katy lies in a hospital bed, still comatose, her life postponed, her loved ones outside of that room hoping and waiting.

Several years go by, bringing us to now. Something, or someone, has found a way to bring these individuals to justice; the perfect murder has been created and is being unleashed on the individuals responsible for Katy's situation.

Are they accidents? Could it be coincidence? Perhaps long-awaited payback in the form of the perfect murder? Revenge is a dish best served cold... and karma is a well-thrown boomerang.

My Review:

Wow. Just wow. I’m speechless at the moment.

With this novel, Spencer takes the realities of life, those we don’t want to face, and bring them to life in a very insightful and hard hitting manner. She tackles these topics with tack and flare, working her storytelling magic to create scenes and events that you live through with the characters. She also melds karma with reality to create a much more in depth storyline.

Spencer has created lots of characters with overlapping and intertwining stories that combine to create a captivating whole that flows like real life. These stories are intricately melded together to form a phenomenal whole. As a reader, you become very emotionally invested in this story. Spencer uses flashbacks to keep you in the loop while still keeping you intrigued in the story. These flashbacks, as well as flips to other perspectives are set aside and kept clear via formatting. They also add a great deal of mystery and depth to the story.

As a reader you get to know the main characters of this novel quite well. They are the type of people that you want to know, and help, and love. Overall, however, character development is not a major part of this story, but it works very well with the storyline. Many of the characters remain mysterious and partially developed. This minimalistic trend in character development actually works to the benefit of the story as a whole as it adds to the mystique of karmic interactions.

This is not a light fluffy read, but it is brilliant none the less. It is eloquently written and very well edited. Above all, this is a novel that will impact your life and leave you thinking.

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