Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Buying Thyme by T.J. Hamilton

Title:  Buying Thyme
Author:  T.J. Hamilton
Series:  Thyme Trilogy #1
Published:  April 17th 2013 by Createspace 
(first published April 16th 2013)
Page Count:  308
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Miranda is a high-class escort at the most prestigious escort agency in Sydney, Australia. Her Madam, Miss Stephanie commands the highest standard from her working girls and has taught Miranda the very best in the art of seducing men. Although it was never the life Miranda imagined for herself, she makes more than a decent living from it and always seems to be in demand from the Agency’s top clients.

American-born Joe Tench is one of Sydney’s most prominent businessman, owning the majority of the nightlife in Sydney, and across the country, but there is a dark side to Joe Tench. He is a regular client of Miranda's, he is also demanding, dominating and hard to handle. Miranda finds herself falling for Joe Tench’s unfamiliar, yet enticing charm. Until she meets Tom Smythe, heir to a wealthy mining company and amongst the top ten wealthiest families in Australia. The two develop a strong friendship after a chance meeting.

Miranda is caught between her feelings for these two very different men until a personal tragedy sees Miranda embark on a journey of discovery... and into a world she finds difficult to escape from.

My Review:

This novel is well and eloquently written. Hamilton develops vivid scenes that pull the readers right into the action. I appreciate how Hamilton writes sex scenes that are captivating and alluring without crossing the line and becoming over the top raunchy. Although sexuality and the sex trade does play a large role in this story they do not overtake or detract from the story as a whole. The solidly built storyline shines through everything. It is a very unique and intriguing look at life in a way that most of us would never fathom.

Hamilton’s characters are quite well developed. I appreciate that the main character finds a way to be herself even if she isn’t always completely ok with it. She is very outgoing, and extremely realistic. You find yourself identifying with her and feeling for her. She is the outgoing person that you wish you were, even if you want a different job. The rest of the cast is also quite well developed. You get to know each and every major character. You know who they are and who they claim to be. The contrast between the different characters in this novel really makes the novel seem like a situation you could walk into.

As a whole, this was a thrilling novel that made me think and feel. Hamilton has me hooked with this novel. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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