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The Lola Diaries Drama Jerk by Lulubelle Love

Today we welcome Lulubelle Love and her newest work: "The Lola Diaries: Drama Jerk"

If you have kids, you can't miss this book.

The Lola Diaries: Drama Jerk 
by Lulubelle Love.

Quick Facts
Release Date: February 28,2013.

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction.
Formats Available for Purchase: Paperback and ebook.

 Book Synopsis

Let’s face it turning eleven can be difficult especially when you still wear diapers to bed. This is a secret that Lola Swanson wants to keep under wraps. But secrets always have a way of coming out especially when Hannah Thompson ( A.K.A . Captain Evil) is involved.

And then there’s the little problem that Lola and Hannah are both in love with the same boy.

My Review:

This is a very well written and interesting story. It is aimed brilliantly at a pre-teen audience but is a tale that many will enjoy. The author does not try to ‘dumb down’ her writing for her audience, but rather writes things the way they are for those in grade school. She writes with love and detail. Everything is laid out clearly for her audience without ever getting wordy. Descriptions are quite vivid yet still realistic. I also appreciate how the story was written in the 1st person, allowing the characters to tell their own story. She also switched perspectives regularly, allowing the readers to see and weigh in on both sides of the conflict. This was an experience not soon to be forgotten.

I enjoyed the character development in this story. It was very fitting for the ages of the characters. They were portrayed as pre-teens who were trying to find themselves. They were quite well developed and you really got to know them as individuals and as a group. I also found the outlook on adults quite entertaining as it was so refreshingly real.

The characters in this novel deal with real world issues. No one becomes a vampire or shape shifter. They deal with school yard problems that we all encounter. This story sends a very strong message of acceptance and anti-bullying while still telling an engaging and entertaining story. This story also encourages you to be and be true to yourself. It is a rather inspiring and yet devastating story that ends quite happily. The main character overcomes a great deal, both inwardly and outwardly, and continues forward on her path. This was a very eye opening story that I quite enjoyed.

Author Guest Post - Can Anyone Write a Book

I think the answer is yes. If you really want to write don’t let anything stop you. The world of books is changing, and it’s now possible for anyone to publish their book. In fact I wish more people wrote more often and just let go of their fear. About 80% of people say they have a book in them and in the world we live in it’s possible for all 80% of those people to make their dreams come true.

Some self-published authors don’t let anything get in their way and keep publishing their books one after the other. Because of Amazon and Kindle they are making over six figures a year- no joke. The authors who publish more than one title a year and do this year after year, are finding real success in writing books, but don’t get me wrong it has to be quality. So anyone out there who wants to write get your pen out and try your turn at making hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. It’s worth a shot!

The Author

Liz Steele (Pen Name Lulubelle Love) grew up in Holden, MA. She graduated from Worcester State College with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and from Assumption College with a Master of Arts in Education. After working as a special education teacher for several years, she decided to follow her passion for writing and publishing books.

Find more about her at:


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