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Blue Coyote Motel by Dianne Harman

Title: Blue Coyote Motel
Author:  Dianne Harman
Published:  October 10th 2012 by Dianne Harman
Page Count:  294
Genre:  Suspense/Mystery
Shelf:  Review Copy

Synopsis from Goodreads:

“He remembered the little motel in the desert when his life turned around.”

At the heart of Blue Coyote Motel is a love story beginning in the barrios of Southern California and spanning the globe in such diverse locations as France, South America and the Himalayas. The beautiful Latina, Maria, and her husband, Jeffrey, a scientist fired from a prestigious laboratory, struggle to build a new life in a remote Southern California desert area as owners of the Blue Coyote Motel.

When Maria’s depression rises like a cloud over their happiness, Jeffrey invents a wonder drug to fix it. As Jeffrey’s condition unravels, he begins to experiment with the wonder drug. Six wayward travelers find themselves staying the night at the small roadside inn. The next morning, they wake up feeling better than ever. Has Jeffrey’s miracle drug delivered? Or is the nightmare only beginning?

My Review:

This was a well written novel with smooth transitions and detailed descriptions. At times it has a very dark and ominous feeling to the writing, which sets the reader up for the conclusion. There are also many separate storylines in this story that run parallel to each other and finally intertwine at the ending, creating suspense and mystery that propels the reader forward. The story itself is very intriguing but it jumps from person to person to allow for these multiple story lines. This allows the author to further develop the mystery that brings them all together at the end, but there were a couple of times where I began to wonder where it was going. That said the fact that the events in this story are believable and even quite probably makes the story even scarier. You can actually imagine yourself in this situation with little effort.

The character development in this novel was phenomenal. There was a very large cast of characters, yet each and every one of them was equally well developed. The individualized characteristics of these people are all so real and combine in ways to create complete individuals who are stuck in circumstances beyond their control. Their actions and reactions are also in synch with the people that they are created to be within this novel. Harman spends a great deal of time and detail on this type of thing, which solidifies the characters and therefore the storyline itself in the reader’s mind’s eye.

The realism in this novel was just as terrifying as the story itself. It makes you think and it makes you worry. This novel also brings addiction to a whole new, and utterly terrifying level. It was a pleasure to read such an utterly unique and realistic novel.

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