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Between the Moon and Shine by Lori L. Clark

Title:  Between the Moon and Shine
Author:  Lori L. Clark
Published:  November 3rd 2012 by Lori L. Clark
Page Count:  338
Genre:  Young Adult Paranormal
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

When fifteen-year-old Bobbi Flowers wishes on a falling star for a summer to remember, rescuing her twin brother from Trogs and meeting a sixteen-year-old boy who claims he's over half a century old isn't what she has in mind.

When her brother is kidnapped from Grandma Moon's back yard one night, Bobbi sets out to find him. Armed with her Louisville Slugger (to wallop those creepy Trogs into the next county) and a jar of peanut butter (in case she gets hungry), her search leads her through a portal in the woods to The Overthere -- and Michael. He's sixteen going on sixty and wants nothing to do with an outsider. When Bobbi saves his little brother's life, Michael reluctantly agrees to help her. It becomes a race against time when Michael tells her that each night she spends in The Overthere might mean years -- if not decades -- will pass before she returns to her home in Shine. Staying fifteen forever doesn't sound like much fun and going home decades in the future doesn't either.

My Review:

Between the Moon and Shine was a very original and quite well written novel. The supernatural concepts in this story were very well developed. The reader is completely immersed in the world and all that comes with it. The world in which the twins find themselves is very vividly described and definitely larger than life, as it should be as an Otherworld. Clark’s descriptions are definitely fitting for this novel. You can picture almost everything as clear as day (or night....).

The main characters are fairly well developed. You find out who they are, but not a great deal about their histories. The author tends to dwell on certain aspects of the characters while almost skipping over others. I also found that many of the minor characters remained quite superficial. Some were little more than a name. However, the different supernatural species encountered were quite well developed. You got to know a great deal about the races and what they tended to do. I am also a little perplexed as to the role of the dog in the story. It tended to disappear and reappear at random, without actually serving a purpose.

Despite the many great aspects of this novel I found it very hard to get into. I also found myself questioning the actions of the characters a few times. As a whole, it was a brilliant introduction to the Overthere. I am very interested in the route that the characters will take in the sequel and to learn more about the Overthere.

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