Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Warrior by Ty Patterson

Title:  The Warrior
Author:  Ty Patterson
Series: Zeb Carter and Booker #1
Published:  December 11th 2012
Page Count:  153
Genre:  Action/Suspense
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:  

Zeb Carter is almost your average Private Military Contractor. Almost. Which is why the perpetrators should have gone after him.

A thriller that spans Congo and New York, The Warrior is dotted with gritty action, a central character that fuels imagination, and a supporting cast of great colorful characters.

The Warrior is about relentless determination and a burning need to avenge and to deliver retribution against all odds. The Warrior is not just about action but also about character build up and the clash of differing values and how those clashes affect outcomes. Lastly, The Warrior is about the brotherhood of warriors.

My Review:
The premise behind this novel is very intriguing. Although following the basic model of an action story the overarching case that the characters are dealing with is unique [for a fictional story]. It leads to a very intense story.  

I found a couple of spots in the novel to be a bit choppy, but as a whole it was quite well written with a flow to the narrative. However, it does alternate between very slow and quite fast paced. I did appreciate the fact that Patterson wrote an action novel without something blowing up every few pages. There is definite substance to the storyline.  

I tend to appreciate a fair amount of character development within the novels that I read. I found that by the end of this story you don’t really know any of the characters at all. You find out bits and pieces about certain characters and their histories. Other than that, the only thing that you really learn about a character is their chosen profession.

One thing that I’m slightly perplexed with at this point is how this is the first book in the Zeb Carter and Booker series when one of those characters does not make it out of the novel. However, I assume that this will be explained in further novels in the series.

As a whole, this was a decent way to spend an afternoon. It was an easy to read novel that I enjoyed. I would love to know more about the characters and their very unique missions.

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  1. many many many thanks for this review.


    1. No problem at all. It was a pleasure to read.