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Interview with A.J. Wiliams ~ Giveaway

Lets take a few moments to chat with A.J. Wiliams about her book Bounty for Hunter and about her upcoming novels.

Q: How did you get started writing? Was there a single catalyst or a series of events?
           I started writing poetry around nine or ten. It was really my grandfather who inspired me to write. Coming from Arizona to Missouri I was made fun of because I talked different and fast. Most kids and some teachers could not understand me. After holding onto all of it I broke down one day. It was then that my grandfather sat me down in the kitchen with a plate of cookies. He slid across the table a journal and said "write it down kid."
          He knew how upset I was and saw that it was eating away at me. I wrote every day. about the sun, my dog, my cat, missing the hot air of Arizona. I wrote about people not liking me and having a hard time. It was the one place that I felt safe enough to pour out all my emotions.

Q: Why do you write?
           I write for the love of telling a story. Who doesn't like to hear a good story. A great story or even a good story can take away the stress, worry or pain of the day. It is like opening a present on Christmas morning and seeing that you got exactly what you wanted. I want to give that to people. As my mother gave that gift to me

Q: Who are your biggest supporters? How is your family with your writing?
           My husband for one. He has my back no matter what. He said do it, if that is what you want. I support you babe. Which is the truth. He supports me and I really could not be doing this without him.
          Second are my parents. My parents have always told me that I have a gift, and all I needed to do was sit down and harness it. Without their encouragement as a child I don't know if I would have ever stepped up

Q: Is there anyone who is opposed to you writing professionally? How do you deal with that?
            Oh I am sure there are people that oppose it but I don't worry about them. There will always be people that don't agree or oppose what you do in life. However, I have taken the steps in which I hope to protect myself. I write under a pen name as I have an active working husband and two small kids. I don't want, what I write to affect them in a negative way. However, for those that do know who I am, it is a simple of support or don't support. If you don't support me don't' talk to me about what you disagree with in my writing. They lost that right. Harsh maybe but I have to be able to protect not just myself but my family as well

Q: Sex in novels can be a very controversial topic. How do you feel about writing it? Do you find that it stereotypes your work or your audience?
           Sex period is controversial. Who doesn't talk about it though. Who we sleep with, who we kiss. I think that is one of the major reasons sex is so controversial because we are closed up about it. Sex is something that is wonderful, when it is with the right person, regardless of gender. I truly believe we should be more open about it, but then again sex in novels might lose the shock and awe factor that most crave :)
            I love writing it. Writing a sex scene allows the character for me to either become closed off or open and expressive. It is the same with having sex in real life. Well, I say that because that is what I personally believe. Yet other might disagree.
            Everyone has a take on their idea of what sex should be in books, but the same thing could be said about fairytales. A fairytale informs our daughters that a price will save her, but that is not real life. There is no guarantee that a prince will come. Nonetheless, writing an adult book that involves sex there is a guarantee that sex is either going to be great, or fall completely apart. That does happen in real life.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about Bounty For Hunter?
            Oh yes. I love Bounty for Hunter. I wrote so of course I would say that lol. Yet that is not the reason why. In Bounty for Hunter, you meet Keylee who went through something traumatic and instead of allowing that pain to consume her, she marched forward breaking the rules to match what she needed and wanted. Because of her past Keylee is bent on catching bad guys by becoming a bounty hunter against the wishes of her two older brother.
          Hunter is a laid back type of guy, successful, handsome and loves his only family his sister. When Hunter stumbles into a situation with dirty cops and is blamed for a cop's murder, he jumps his bail to hide. Keylee is hired to protect Hunter from those that are after him.
          I love the story as it offers action, suspense and love.  

Q: What inspired you to write this novel?
            My inspiration actually came from watching a movie with my four and a half year old. She asked me why the good guy did something bad. It was a great question and one I answered in truth informing her sometimes good people do bad things just like bad people do bad things.
          The next day I had this whole idea of a bad ass girl who went around saving those that were good from bad situations. Of course the story line changed but my message of the story was clear.  

Q: Are the characters of Hunter and Keylee inspired by anyone in particular?
            I used a little of everyone I knew for my characters. I love combining personalities of my friends and family to create these character.   
          I love star trek and grew up watching it so of course I wanted her to have that. I fit her somehow.
          Hunter was a little different I took traits of my husband and a couple of my friends to create him.

Q: Can you give us a bit of a sneak peek into Bounty’s End, your upcoming release?
           Of course I can. I don't want to give away a lot but here is a paragraph. I won't tell you where in the story it take place but it is a great spot

"Honestly honey, the shit you do, sucks.  All I try to do is talk to you when I see you.  When I start walking your way, you get this frighten look in your eyes and you bail. I have to hunt you down just to get you to look at me let alone tell me no to every date I have asked you on for the last six months.  See, I would take that personally but in all reality, it just makes me want you more.  Now we can figure out what your problem is together or I will figure it out for you.  Either way, there is no way in hell I am backing away from you now."
Um, wow.
Wen could feel her anger rising.  How the hell did this happen?  She was all warm and fuzzy and suddenly he flipped her switch and now she was about to blow.

"Listen you Neanderthal, you do not get to tell me how I behave.  I know how I behave and I am nice and polite."
"Wen, just shut your  mouth because all you are doing is not only lying to me, but also to yourself.  Lying is not healthy for you or good for your soul sweetheart."
"Oh my god. Seriously Thomas, I think you should just let me out now and I will walk the rest of the way because if you open your mouth again it better be to tell me just how sorry you are for being a pompous ass."

I hope that was a good taste for you to look forward to Bounty's End coming soon

Q: Do you have anything else planned after the release of Bounty’s End? Does Alek have an upcoming story? We need to know. Everyone loves a mysterious Alpha male.      

Why yes I do.

          Bounty's End is about Thomas. Book 3 is about the hot Greek golden god Alek who with Tess weaves a trail that is going to be explosive. Book 4 is about Jefferson the ever elusive always hiding brother of Keylee and Thomas. In book 4 we find out the truth of what happened 5 years ago that caused him to close off and cancel his engagement with Eva

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  1. I think it all depends on the audience. If it's a YA book then it doesn't matter to me if there is sex or not but if I'm reading an adult romance then I want it. :)

  2. Ashley,
    I happen to agree with you. When we are adults and reading adult books it seems natural to have sex in our books. However, when it come to YA I truly believe it is about the content of the book whether or not sex is or should be included

  3. I have to say I'm torn on this subject because I have read a few books of kids in high school and they are border line what I read in my adult romance books but I don't mind sex because it's a natural thing and well kids younger than we were are pretty much experimenting with sex and I just shake my head at that....

  4. I think it is natural for anyone if reading a YA romance book to be leery of sex in the book. However, as teenagers we are curious. Sex does happen.

    Sex is natural in our society but is still considered a taboo subject

  5. I definitely agree with everyone. Sex in literature depends on the genre. The intensity of the scenes tends to increase with the age of the intended audience. However, sex is a reality in today's western societies and therefore cannot be ignored. The more it is talked about and presented the more readily people will talk about it when necessary.